Terrace Suite
Terrace Suite
Terrace Suite
Terrace Suite
Valcony Room Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, Terrace Suite Room type is take a modern and elegant appearance,
creating a warm and relaxed ambience for all our guests.
  • Room Information
    Detail:  1 Room, 1 Bathroom, Terrace Type:  Twin - 2 King Size Bed Area:  37.8㎡
  • Amenities
    Living Area 65 inch LED TV / 5G wifi Coffee Pot Table / Chair Coffee Cup
    Highball Glasses
    On the Rock Glasses
    Shot Glasses
    Wine Glasses
    Wine Opener
    2 Bottle of Free water Refrigerator Air Conditioner Closet / Shoe Closet Slippers Mobile charger Fire extinguisher Emergency Flashlight Heating Pad
    Bathroom Area Bathtub / LED Mirror Hairdryer Hair Straightener Amenities
    (Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower gel, Body lotion)
    Shower cap Toothpaste & Brush Nail Kit Sewing Kit Comb Vanity Kit
  • Usage Guid
    Check in 15:00 / Check out 11:00 Smoking is not allowed in all rooms and terraces. For extra duvet, you will be charged 22,000 won per night. If you order additional bottle of water in room,
    It will be charged 1,000 won per bottle.
    If you add face towels, you can get 2 free.
    Additional orders, 1,000 won will be charged per towel.
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